"The most important thing about skating is that it teaches you to do the things you should do before you do the things you want to do"

– Barbara Ann Scott

What are the top 3 accomplishments that you are most proud of?

1.) Family

2.) Triple Gold, 7th figure, and Junior competitive skater with Canadian Figure Skating bursaries 3.) Moving kids on to Junior, National Development teams and Division 1

What is your WHY? What lights your fire and makes you do what you are doing.

I want to give kids in hockey the instruction that my generation didn’t have. Hockey is a game of skating. One may have the puck but there are 9 others on the ice skating as well. Yesterday’s game is gone. Today it is speed, agility and explosiveness. These are the things in skating that must have proper instruction in order for any player to flourish.

What are some of the biggest mistakes you see young athletes making, what are some that you made that looking back you would have done differently?

Young athletes don’t enjoy the moment enough. Don’t compare yourself to others as development comes to different athletes at different times. Also, the best athletes in their given sport are the best athletes playing that sport. Variety of sports played only enhances your primary goal.

What do you like most about the PX3 AMP Program? Why is this program so  important  for kids?

I like the program because the emphasis is on the right things. They focus on developing skills through proper instruction, personal attention, and repetition. Moreover, the multi-sport component coupled with the set schedule allows families to still be families.

Legacy. What do you want to be remembered for?

I want to be remembered in skating for one simple reason, doing things the right way. I trained the right way, skated the right way, treated people the right way, succeeded and failed the right way. I take this same mentality to coaching. When they are on the ice with me they are my kids, and they all deserve to have things taught to them in the right way, both through the quality of instruction and my compassion of delivering it.

What are some of the biggest obstacles you have had to overcome to get where you are? 

Doubt. Doubt in myself and doubt from others. Once you work past the doubt you can accomplish anything. If you don’t believe in yourself why should anyone else.

Who is the person/coach who made the biggest difference in your life or believed in you when others did not?

Family was my backbone. A supportive family understands the ups and downs of trying to be your best. They embrace the downs just as they celebrate the ups.

Who is the person, coach, or institution that told you to quit or did not believe in you. Why?

No single person told me to quit, I never looked at it as quitting but rather the opportunity to move on to coaching. I've continued to share my passion on the ice for the last 25 years.